About Us

A quick into to the consumers behind Comparison Arena

Who We Are

If you are contemplating buying a generator, our website is the best to turn to – it is a reliable resource that provides accurate information and responses gleaned from customer feedback, so you get the best purchasing advice.

Our sole objective is to make the task of choosing the best product suitable for your needs, simple and convenient.

What We Do

When you are considering purchasing a generator, particularly a portable model, and start searching online, you are bound to come across numerous options. This could prove to be problematic due to information overload – there are so many products to take your pick from, with each having grand user reviews that make them sound just what you are looking for. Not to mention the product features and lucrative discounts you will get are highlighted in great detail. We understand it can get confusing and tedious to plow through the mountain of data and info and search for the right product. This is where we step in to lend a hand by evaluating multiple available products under the category of “portable generators”, shortlist some of the most promising and best-selling models, and test it by ourselves.

We Take Consumer Feedback Seriously

The only way to find out whether a product lives up to what it claims is to talk to those who have actually used it. We use extensive research and consumer feedback to create the information in our review. The ideal way to proceed is by collecting insights from people who use portable generators on a regular basis, whether it is for household needs or recreational purposes. It helps us build review methodologies and come up with innovative ways to conduct research so we can continue to provide useful information.

A part of our process also includes taking into account the opinions of buyers like you, who have already invested their money and time in using the products. They are surveyed regularly so their opinions are fresh and recent. We also look through product evaluations left online, to develop a clear picture of the strengths and weakness that a product may exhibit over time.

We take steps to ensure that our analysis is totally objective while avoiding the risk of being swayed by a certain model from a specific company. Our team consists of qualified professionals, with years of experience under their belt in their respective fields, and who have been involved with the business of product reviews for a long time. We strive to provide value to readers by making solid and reliable buying recommendations. Our goal is to continue offering this service, so we run only running trustworthy and accurate product reviews. We understand consumer requirements and empower them with the correct knowledge for better choices while spending their hard-earned money.