Electric Lawn Mowers

The debate between gas and electric lawn mowers is still ongoing. While some argue the former is better, others state the latter is more popular these days. Both varieties come with their set of pros and cons, but when it comes to small and mid-sized lawns and yards, it is best to opt for an electric unit. The problem with gas mowers is they are extremely noisy, require a lot of cleanup and maintenance, and emit harmful fumes. Electric lawn mowers don’t emit much sound, hardly need maintenance, and since they don’t use oil or gas, no toxic emissions are involved as well.

These lawn mowers are available in two versions:

  • Corded – Drawing power from electric outlets
  • Cordless – Getting the electric power from an on-board rechargeable battery unit housed inside the mower deck

Electric lawn mowers feature a hassle-free start mechanism with a single push button. For cordless electric lawn mower models that offer a removable battery, you should have the option of purchasing additional batteries so you can simply replace a flat battery with a fully charged one to allow you to continue mowing. A removable battery is also handy if you don’t have a power supply in your shed or wherever you store your mower – you can simply take the battery unit out and charge it somewhere more convenient.

When it comes to deck size or cutting swath of the mower, it is a measure of the width of the lawn that will be cut with each pass made during mowing. The bigger the deck size, the less passes are needed for mowing the whole lawn. A larger deck size will generally mean a bigger mower, so if you are very limited on storage space or unable to push or handle a large mower this is something you may need to consider.

Some models are available that make storage easier for those with less space. These mowers have a collapsible handle that folds down, thus making the structure compact, which takes up little room. This way you can keep the unit in small, tight spaces. Another bonus of electric mowers is that you will not need to store fuel for the engine, which saves both storage space and money.

When you buy from reputed companies, they generally provide at least 2-years limited manufacturer’s warranty. It is important that you check the warranty options available – at times there is a separate warranty for the battery. It is likely that any problems you might have with the mower will occur within the six months to a year so having a warranty that covers you beyond this initial period of use is a bonus.

Price is definitely one of the vital factors, but it shouldn’t be the sole determining aspect. A lawn mower priced at a very low rate might not be of good quality and could lack a warranty as well. Conduct thorough research about performance, convenience, features, warranty, etc. before making up your mind regarding the purchase.

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