Portable Generators

It is best to be prepared for emergency situations beforehand, rather than panicking and regretting. One of the biggest problems during this time is power outages, for which you need a portable generator. This device not only powers appliances and utilities in your home, but can do the same on camping and tailgating.

Buy inverter generators

Nowadays, a lot of homeowners are opting for inverter generators, which are portable, but have lower wattage capacities. However, they deliver clean power, thus making it safe for sensitive electronic goods, operate at whisper-quiet levels, are convenient to carry and store, and come with a host of useful features. You should buy an outdoor portable generator based on your requirements such as the appliances it is expected to supply power to.

Consider the rating

How do you know if a certain product will live up to expectation? By looking at the various rating aspects – here goes:


Check the power output of the unit – it is listed using two values of starting and running watts, which signify the power required during startup and operation respectively. It should also have low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) so sensitive electronic items aren’t damaged. Runtime is yet another aspect to be taken into account – it is signified by the run time when load is a quarter or half of its entire capacity. For those who want large amounts of power, opt for units with bigger tanks.


As is evident from the term “portable”, these gadgets are lightweight and compact, so you can carry it along without huffing and puffing every few minutes. A built-in handle makes it easy to lift and provides a solid grip.


Although features tend to differ depending upon the type of model you choose, some of them are standard and found in all types of portable generators. One of the most important is the option for parallel connectivity to get more power, which allows you to connect your generator with another that has a similar capacity. Auto shutdown due to low oil levels is also essential, as it prevents damage to the engine components. The units are generally equipped with circuit breaker protection to avoid overloading, while the noise level is less than that of a normal conversation.


An instruction booklet is provided with the package so you can derive the most benefit from the portable generator.

Warranty & Service

It is advisable never to buy any product without a warranty, as you will be in a mess and might end up paying exorbitant rates when the need for repairs arises. Warranties for portable generators vary depending upon the manufacturer, but a 2-year period is standard. Safety is your primary concern, so make sure the portable generator is positioned at least 10 feet away from home. Price is a vital factor, but it shouldn’t be the only deciding aspect because you need to consider all the rating parameters mentioned above. Start going through the reviews and features, and then decide which unit is best suited for your purpose.

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