Generac GP2200i | Indeed the Quiet and compact inverter generator

Urgently need a reliable source of a power supply when you are outdoors? The Generac GP2200i is exactly what you need as a portable power solution. It could be weekends in the woods to outdoor cookouts and get-togethers, the gadget will not let you down at all.


  • Truepower technology provides stable power for sensitive electronic devices
  • Economy mode provides excellent fuel economy
  • LED status lights


The unit uses Truepower technology for providing clean, stable power ideal for sensitive electronics, tools, and appliances while the 1.2 gallon fuel tank allows 10.75 hours of run time at 25% load. Rated and surge watts are 1700 and 2200 respectively.


Compact and fully-enclosed, its lightweight design makes transportation easy – it weighs just 46.6 pounds. The built-in handle is all the more helpful when you need to carry it from one place to another.


  • Economy mode reduces fuel consumption rates and noise emissions to operate quietly for extended periods of time
  • Parallel capability lets you connect two units together for more power
  • Integrated OFF/RUN/CHOKE knob simplifies startup procedures
  • LED Indicators alert you when the unit is low on oil, overloaded or ready-to-use
  • 120V 20A Duplex and 12V DC outlets
  • A USB port is included in the design for charging mobile devices
  • LED status lights alert you on low-oil, overload, and power
  • Low oil shutdown automatically turns off the engine to prevent damage
  • All outlets are covered for added protection from the environment

Warranty & Service

The unit has a 2-year and 1-year limited warranty for residential and commercial use, respectively.


No more disturbing neighbors or surrounding wildlife, as the GP2200i provides power consistently using TruePower Technology for sensitive electronics, tools and appliances. Being lightweight has made transportation easy; while Economy mode ensures fuel consumption rates and noise emissions are drastically reduced. Utility power isn’t always available where and when you need to tackle home improvement projects or go for camping, you can’t always hope for good luck. Take a Generac portable generator with you – this way you have a stable source of power close by for emergencies. Go ahead and try!

The Generac GP2200i provides outdoor enthusiasts with a portable power solution designed for a variety of open-air festivities. Whether you are tailgating for the big game or simply want to enhance your campsite experience without disrupting the environment around you, this inverter generator is the apt choice for you. The parallel capability allows you to connect two units together to power your RV air conditioner, lights, cell phone (via USB port) and other portable appliances at the same time.
Built-in handle makes it easy to transport and the integrated OFF/RUN/CHOKE knob simplifies startup procedures. Fuel economy is taken care of via the eco mode, so oil isn’t wasted, while enclosed design reduces noise. The start mechanism is fairly simple – you don’t have to pore through complex instructions, as the device is easy to operate.

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