Jump N Carry JNC318

If you are looking for performance and reliability in a single package, the JNC318 from Jump-N-Carry in a handheld lithium unit is just what you are looking for. Equipped with an array of advanced features it can be used for jump starting vehicles and recharging electronic devices such as phones and tablets.

Starting Power

With 330 starting amps and 700 amps peak power, it can jump start 8-cylinder engines and smaller ones, and weighing just three pounds. Even when the temperatures are extremely cold, you can bring a dead battery to life via its unique preheat mode. Simply flip the switch and wait a few moments until the LED turns green.

Safety Features

One of the most critical aspects to a successful jump start is the connection to the battery. Full-size, extra heavy-duty clamps penetrate battery corrosion to ensure the best possible connection is made. To make jump starting safer for the operator and vehicle being serviced, it also includes features such as reverse polarity protection, backfeed protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection and overheat protection.

Build Quality

Charging is easy with the included AC charger and its automatic charging routine. It weighs just 4 pounds and is quite portable. Since it takes up less room, it is convenient for storage as well.


Each unit comes with a 1-Year warranty and an exclusive repair service coupon for a low-cost, fixed fee repair after the warranty period.


With a capacity of 18000 mAh, it can not just jump start cars, but the portable dual USB power bank charges electronic devices like phones, tablets, etc. while the 12 volt output powers tire inflators, power inverters, and more.


The JNC318 features a 12 Volt, 10 Amp output and includes a 12V female output adapter to power 12V accessories such as inflators, power inverters, and more in a storage case.


An extra bright LED flashlight with SOS and strobe light modes comes in handy during emergencies in the dark. The Jump-N-Carry JNC 318 is one of the most popular go-to jump starter brand for professionals and consumers alike. Go ahead and give it a try.

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