Polaris P13GDGBNA P2000i | Can go *anywhere* when low wattage is needed, but at a cost

Don’t be caught unawares again – prepare beforehand with the Polaris P13GDGBNA. The company has decades of technical expertise under their belt, so you can rest assured this portable generator will exceed your expectations and handle all tasks without hassle.


  • It’s built to last, no matter the usage
  • Supports parallel connect with other portable Polaris generators


The Polaris P13GDGBNA has amazing fuel efficiency – on a 0.98 gallon tank of gas at 25% load, it gives over 10 hours of run time on utilizing its standard the economy throttle switch. It is rated 1600 watts and can produce 2000 watts maximum AC output. It has two 120 volt AC outlets with circuit breaker protection that is re-settable while the engine is running and a fused 12 volt DC outlet and charging cord.


The gadget is really quiet, so you won’t get complaints from angry neighbors while carrying it from one place to another is really easy as it weighs just 53.3 pounds. Knowing space is always a premium the flat surface top enables an ideal spot for lighter items.


  • The unit is lightweight and compact, thus making it easy to store
  • Quiet and almost noiseless at 54.4 dBa
  • Has ergonomically designed Lock & Ride enabled handles for carrying and rubber insulation feet so it doesn’t topple when you set it down
  • Produces 10 hours of run time via economy throttle switch at 400 watts
  • Safely power small electronics, such as a TV while tailgating or an expensive laptop while away from home EPA and CARB compliant
  • Low oil sensor turns off the engine to protect it from mechanical damage
  • Parallel capable, so you can connect two units for generating more output. You can link with a P1000i 0r P2000i

Warranty & Service

The Polaris P13GDGBNA has a 3-year warranty on parts and labor.


The Polaris P13GDGBNA delivers an awesome fuel efficiency that leads to over 10 hours of run time. Capable of producing 2000 watts maximum AC output (1600watts rated) this digital inverter is the perfect accessory for your home. There is a low oil sensor to stop and protect the engine from mechanical damage and expense on the occasion of low oil. This unit is an efficient sole power source capable of operating multiple devices simultaneously. It has two 120V AC receptacles, a 12V DC receptacle, and a parallel receptacle, which enables you to connect two units together for greater power output. The parallel setup is in tandem with the frequency so it distributes load evenly to each unit so one doesn’t suffer from overloading at any point. It is convenient to transport due to ergonomic handles.

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