PowerAll PBJS16000R

As is the issue with most jump starters and battery charging units, the size and weight makes it difficult in carrying them around. If you are stuck in the middle of the road at night, but your jump starter is in your garage, that won’t do much good. But the PowerAll PBJS16000R Portable Power Bank and Lithium Jump Starter provide a different approach. It has a compact form factor that should make it much more user-friendly for buyers to carry around and store strategically around the house and car.

Starting Power

The lithium jump starter outputs 600A peak amps powerful enough to jump start up to a 6.2L gas engine in seconds. On a full charge it can easily be used to charge a battery up to 20 times. You can store it in your glove compartment or trunk of your vehicle for up to 6 months and still have power to jump start a car.

Safety Features

Even if you don’t disconnect the jumper cables from the battery right away, this lithium jump starter has true voltage back-feed protection to prevent any damage. It also has over current, short circuit, overload, over-voltage, and over-charge protection. It has an ultra-bright LED flash light with an output of 86 lumens projecting up to 300 feet of light. It lasts for 120 hours and three illumination modes for different situations of use such as standard, strobe, and SOS (the last 2 for emergency assistance).

Build Quality

Weighing 14 ounces, it can be kept in your pocket, backpack, or glove box for convenience. Verified consumers review indicate the PowerAll PBJS16000R is a high quality jump starter that easily handle real life heavy use.


The PowerAll PBJS16000R Portable Power Bank and Lithium Jump Starter has a limited warranty of a year. This is on the shorter end of the category, but aligned with most brands.


The PowerAll PBJS16000R is equipped with multi-cell lithium batteries of a high capacity of 16,000mAh. It has two 5V/2.1A USB ports that can keep electronic devices like mobiles, tablets, etc. on the go. Both ports will support charging of smartphone and tablets along with any other USB powered electronic devices that meet the specs. When both USB ports are in use the combined output will step down to 2.5A enabling for one smartphone and one tablet to be charged simultaneously.


It arrives in a hard plastic protective case to house its cables and other accessories. The case has a handle for a comfortable carry, and it is rugged to keep just about anywhere without care.


The PowerAll PBJS16000R meets all requirements – it is powerful, compact, and long-lasting.

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