Sun Joe MJ403E | Get it up and running in no time

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Sun Joe is well-known for specializing in the development of advanced outdoor equipment to keep the exteriors of your home neat, clean, and beautiful throughout the year. Their product range includes manual, cordless, and electric tools such as lawnmowers, trimmers, tillers, and snow blowers. The Sun Joe MJ403E to date has received good feedback and gained considerable popularity as well.


  • 7 position cutting height adjustment
  • Mulching and mowing functions
  • Lightweight and simple to use


The 13-amp engine is powerful and has a cutting path of 17 inches in one swoop. There are 7 height adjustment positions available via a single lever – you can alter the cutting height from 0.98 inches to 2.87 inches. The 12-gallon rear bag allows seamless mowing and can be detached easily to throw away grass clippings.


The unit weighs 31.5 pounds and has robust front and rear wheels for smooth movement. It starts with a push-button, and due to the absence of oil and gas, you are spared from inhaling harmful emissions or cleaning up messes. You can easily convert your lawnmower into a mulching mower by removing the rear bag and inserting the mulch plug. After you make the switch, the freshly-cut, nutrient-rich grass clippings are spread throughout the yard for fertilization. A safety switch ensures you don’t hurt yourself by accidentally switching on the lawnmower – this is a useful feature if kids are around.


  • No maintenance needed – don’t bother with emissions, oil cleanups, or tune-ups
  • Powerful 13-amp motor cuts a 17-inch wide path
  • Adjust the cutting height from 0.98 to 2.87 inches using the 7-position height adjustment lever
  • Rear bag holds grass clippings for quick disposal
  • You can convert from bagging to mulching in a jiffy
  • The foldable handle ensures convenient transport and storage – it doesn’t take up too much space


  • 12 gallon rear bag
  • Mulch plug

Warranty & Service

The lawnmower comes with a full 2-year warranty.


Getting a gorgeous and neat landscape is no longer a tedious chore. The Sun Joe MJ403E uses a 13-amp motor to cut 17-inch swaths so your lawn gets mowed in no time. Furthermore, there is no risk of inhaling toxic carbon emissions as there are none in electric lawnmowers. Push the button and watch the powerful motor give a stellar performance.

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